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Who We Are

J. Perez Associates, Inc. is one of America’s largest full service outdoor installation and maintenance companies with offices in Los Angeles/Orange county, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, Washington D.C., and Detroit. Established in 1991, we have provided our clients with the highest level of service, workmanship, and product delivery available in our industry. We specialize in the installation of traditional and non-traditional outdoor advertising across all major advertising forms.

We specialize in outdoor advertising installation and maintenance which includes: transit interior and exterior ads, bus shelters, airport advertising, specialty vinyl applications, wall murals and other forms of outdoor advertising. We work closely with our clients which include outdoor companies, printers and agencies to ensure that every ad is installed professionally and in a timely manner. Our strength is our quality of service, ability to install most forms of outdoor advertising and reputation for reliability and proof of performance reporting.

Established in 1991, we are one of the nation’s largest full service outdoor installation and maintenance companies. Our management team has over 95 years worth of combined experience in the outdoor industry. Our expertise in the coordination, implementation, installation and tracking of advertising copy is our strength. We pride ourselves on customer service and professionalism, and we feel that we offer the best service available in our industry. Our personnel are fully trained in all aspects of outdoor advertising and we maintain all applicable insurance policies. With offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC and Detroit, our staff is able to accommodate our clients in a variety of locations across the country.

J. Perez Associates, Inc.’s philosophy is to establish long term relationships with clients in order to improve the overall efficiency of the service and installation process. This can only be established with trust and confidence on the part of the client with respect to its service vendor. We feel that this confidence can only be earned through superior performance. J. Perez Associates, Inc.’s professionalism and knowledge is unsurpassed in the outdoor advertisement industry.


At J. Perez Associates, Inc., our reputation is built on our ability to provide continuous service through out a contract period, as opposed to simply completing a one-time installation.


  • Receiving and storing of all advertising materials.
  • Coordination with printers for product specifications and timely delivery requirements.
  • Installation of all advertising types.
  • Documentation of work completed, verifying the installation date, time and location of copy or service performed..
  • Issuance of daily, weekly, or monthly client listings from our proprietary database.
  • Daily maintenance of advertising copy.
  • Issuance of completion reports and client documentation.
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